Foundation Daw Park

Foundation Daw Park is the legacy of South Australia’s veterans who collaborated in 1994 to establish a charity that would support medical research and special projects at Repatriation General Hospital, Adelaide, into conditions common to veterans and Australia’s ageing communities. Prostate Cancer, memory disorders such as Alzheimer’s Disease, rheumatoid arthritis and emphysema are typical of conditions under the microscope at Repat, which specialises in treating older people.

Our Vision
Healthy Veterans and Healthy Community

Our Mission
Foundation Daw Park funds medical and scientific research into causes, prevention and treatment of medical conditions with a particular focus on service personnel, veterans and their families, and the wider South Australian community.

Our lasting gift to the Repat, a centre of excellence in veteran and community health, is to support their work through the funding of professional development, new facilities and the promotion of healthy lifestyles.

Our Values

  • The importance of Community
  • Caring about the needs of the Hospital and its Patients
  • Excellence in performance, high expectations in delivering results
  • Innovation in our approach to the way we do things; we think outside the square
  • Honesty and integrity in all that we undertake
  • Respect for the individual, their needs, ideas and wellbeing.

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