Display Cabinets

Display Cabinets

Display cabinets for all occasions

Whether you are a 10-year-old wanting to display your rock collection or the curator of a museum showing off high-value art, display cabinets are an excellent choice. There is just something elegant about a well-made cabinet. In fact, when displaying quality arts and artifacts, it’s imperative to have a display cabinet that matches the quality of the things inside it. They may come under different names such as vitrines and showcase cabinets. Whatever you choose to call it the common theme here is a cabinet with transparent shutters. It could be made with plastic or glass. Some Display Cabinet by Metro Display will have no shutters attached.

As far as positioning of the cabinet is concerned, there are basically three types. The first one and the most common one is the freestanding cabinet. This one will stand on its own and can be moved to different locations. Some will even come with wheels for easier transportation. The most elegant ones found on the market today are free standing cabinets. The second type is wall mounted or built-in displays. Built in displays usually, require custom installation by a skilled carpenter. Obviously, once installed it cannot be easily replaced or removed. The third and least common display cabinet are the hanging type. These are usually hung from a wooden beam and used more in stores and businesses as opposed to homes. Usually, they are constructed from steel or aluminum rather than wood.

There are subcategories of cabinets as well. The other variations are wall, counter, and mid-floor display cabinets. These three are essentially variations of the free standing cabinet. The wall type is made so that you can only access it from one side. Stores use this type very frequently. Counter cabinets will have a two-way access. Another popular one for stores, it is meant for customer access on one side and an employee access from the other. Mid floor cabinets, on the other hand, will have access from all sides. This type is most commonly used in museums.

No matter what type you need, there are a huge variety of designs, shapes, and styles of display cabinets. The material that they are made with can also vary. The type of material will depend on what it is going to be used for. If security is an issue then look for one that can be locked.

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