Medical Research for Veterans and the Wider Community

Supporting Medical Research

Foundation Daw Park was established in the 1990’s by Veterans to provide funding, facilities and equipment to support world-class medical research and patient care at the Repatriation General Hospital (The Repat) Daw Park, South Australia.

The Repat is a 300 bed acute care teaching hospital dedicated to the care of Veterans, their dependents and older people within the community seeking the special expertise and attention the hospital offers.

The Incredible Journey of Heath Ducker

The Incredible Journey of Heath Ducker
Every once in a while people will hear a story about an individual who rose from a life of poverty to one of success. Heath Ducker is just such an individual. He managed to overcome several obstacles in his life, which would have made most people stop trying to make their life better. The son of a single mother, Heath Ducker lived in a housing project in a poor area in Sydney Australia. Sharing his home with 9 other siblings, Heath often went without many of the comforts most people take for granted, including having enough to eat.

A Life Changing Program

As an adolescent, Heath Ducker was also sexually abused, but found help within the doors of Youth Insearch. This community based organization helped Heath through the programs they offered to help young people who are going through difficult times. The experience at the Youth organization allowed Heath to see he was not alone in his life situation. Many other young people came from disadvantaged backgrounds or had experienced abuse. Heath saw these people getting the help they needed to heal and move forward in their lives. It was then, that he began to visualize a better future for himself.

Making a Change for the Better

Heath Ducker became involved in the programs offered at Youth Insearch and was soon given the title of youth leader. As time went by he joined the board of directors and became involved in many of the events held by the organization. Heath Ducker had made up his mind to make a difference in the world and in his community. He enrolled in law school and found a position with a law firm dealing in corporate law. He spent some time as advisor to the Attorney General and eventually became the CEO of Youth Insearch.

Migration For Office 365 in Melbourne

Migration For Office 365 in Melbourne
Office 365 is an excellent program to have on your computer. It also goes great with key types of Windows software, such as Windows 10. However, it is still certainly possible to have questions about the software. This is particularly true if the software malfunctions. Of course, it is important to have customer service representatives available in case of a malfunction or questions. Luckily, there is a customer service line for this software. However, if you are a resident of Melbourne in Australia, the support line is different than in the United States. There is a support line that is specific for Australians. 

The support line in Australia is at 1-800-197-503. If you call this number, a representative will speak with you about your concerns. There are representatives on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No matter the hour of day or night that you call, you will get to speak with a live representative. However, if you have concerns that are related to the payment for Office 365, this support is available 9-5 Monday through Friday. 

If you would prefer to receive support using the internet, that option is available as well. There is a question and answer section on the Office 365 migration Melbourne at Check to see if the page has what you are looking for. Office 365 also has an online forum. Here, users ask questions and get answers. You can also go online, and find the particular customer service representative that you need to speak to for your specific inquiry. The representative will get in touch with you. They may call or email.

Darwin – The Last Outpost

Darwin – The Last Outpost
Darwin is the largest city in the sparsely populated Northern Territory. Originally a pioneer outpost, the city now serves as an important economic link with Indonesia and East Timor. Modern railway network and highways connect it to Port Augusta in the South. A railway line also connects Darwin, Alice Spring and Adelaide via the legendary railway, the Ghan. 

Despite its remoteness, tourism is the main economy of the city offering more than 14,000 jobs to the residents of Northern Territory. While there are several parks in the area, travelers come to enjoy its fishing season and outdoors. The city is also one of few places on earth where Saltwater Crocodiles and Box-Jellyfish roam freely in the water. However, adequate safety measures are enforced to offer travelers a safe and rewarding swimming experience. 

The main tourist season runs from April to September when extreme heat is easily tolerable. It is also the best time to catch the iconic Barramundi fish. For beach-lovers, Casuarina provides miles of unspoiled sandy beach. To attract tourists in the off-season, Mindil Beach is known to offer year-round festivals including celebrations of Chinese New Year and religious events of other communities. Interesting events such as Darwin beer-can regatta and World Solar Challenge also attracts horde of visitors.